No TWRP reboot on Fairphone Open 16.10.0


I just updated my Fairphone to Fairphone Open 16.10.0 and it worked quite well. However, I had Xposed, Xprivacy and FakeGapps installed, and after the update it seems Xprivacy and FakeGapps didn’t worked anymore. So I tried to follow these instructions from step 3: .

But, I simply can’t get my Fairphone to reboot to TWRP. I keep trying pressing the Vol. Up + Power button, but nothing happens, just the volume raising. Did the update block the reboot to TWRP in some way?

You’ll have to shut your phone down, then press the buttons.
Alternatively you can choose “reboot” and then press VOL+ during the fairphone-screen at the beginning, POWER is not needed.

Thank you! I have shutdown the phone and pressed the buttons and I finally got to the recovery.


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