🇬🇧 🇩🇪 No TTS (text-to-speach) in OsmAnd+ after OS-Update

OS: Fairphone Open 21.05.0-rel.1
App: OsmAnd+
Problem: No TTS (text-to-speech)
Error-Message: " Text-to-Speech-Engine kann nicht gestartet werden"

I tried to find the solution in the settings (speaker [on] etc.) - without success.
Now I suspect the cause in the poor update to Android 9.
?: Who has advice?
?: How can I send a hint to the update developers?

Ich habe versucht die Lösung in den Einstellung zu finden (Lautsprecher [ein] etc.) - ohne Erfolg.
Nun vermute ich die Ursache im mangelhaften Update auf Android 9.
?: Wer hat einen Rat?
?: Wie kann ich einen Hinweis an die Update-Entwickler schicken?

Du kannst Probleme im Bug Tracker adressieren, falls hier niemand eine Lösung hat

Did you update the app at the same time? Are you user of OsmAnd+ beta program? Not sure if F-Droid delivers only stable versions in case you get it from there. I suspect a number of reasons in OsmAnd+ why TTS is not working out.

It’s having frequent updates especially during recent days again. At some earlier time the TTS broke several times for me caused by updates of OsmAnd. OsmAnd has (had?) at least 3 options at different places which influence a working TTS.

Nevertheless it can also caused by a non-performing OS, maybe by a long-running device. Please try to reboot before traversing through OsmAnd+ guide for TTS. They just recently updated their UI (don’t know if it’s already in the current stable version – in the beta it is) which also brought TTS to a cleaner interface. Just try a nightly build maybe but make a backup copy of OsmAnd folder in case you want to revert…

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