No third-party apps can connect via FAcebook


I just recieved my fairphone2 and am trying to set it up. I used an iPhone before so the transfer was a bit complicated however I have been able to do most of it.

The main problem still remaining is that I can not use Facebook to log in to another app such as Uber or Spotify. I have tried contacting Facebook but I have had no response. I can not find anything on the web that would address this issue.

When I click on the Sign-in with Facebook button either I get an error screen or absolutly nothing happens.

Could you please help me?

Thank you


try disabling PrivacyImpact during the Facebook authorization process.

Thanks for the response.
How would I do this?

Please have a look into this thread. You need to re-enable Privacy Impact. To do this go to Settings > Sound & notification > Privacy Impact and uncheck the corresponding checkbox. Otherwise, Privacy Impact leads to several issues with various apps.


Thank you so much. You are asesome. It worked.