No sound with m.facebook on Brave browser (very specific)

Got my FP3 this week and have a very specific problem with no audio in the following situation:

  • using Brave browser
  • watching videos on
    This seems to be the only combination of browser and website that causes the audio issue, and applies to both speakers and headphones.
    For reference, the above setup worked on my FP2.
    For testing purposes, I can hear videos in Brave on other websites. I can also hear videos when running on Chrome, but I don’t want to use Chrome, it was just a test.
    Has anybody else had this very specific issue or knows how to resolve it?

Have your tried switching on video playback in the background in the Brave settings? Maybe that is the culprit here.

Unfortunately, I cannot test or confirm this, since I quit all Facebook properties a whilte ago.

You could maybe use an app like MaterialFBook, which additionally to making the browser FB interface more elegant, also includes the FB messenger (last time I remembered Facebook blocked messenger access from their mobile website). I haven’t used the app for a year now though, since I want to eliminate my usage of Facebook as much as possible.

After a lot of clicking around with browser and site-specific settings, I solved the problem. Sound was blocked for the URL, no idea how it happened but I had to manually unblock it.
I’ll also take a look at the suggested app, thanks.