No sound when calling

When calling, I can’t hear the person on the line. That person can hear me though. When I put it on speaker, I do can hear that person.

I run the test and the conclusion is that it’s not working. What can I do?

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  • Contact support|at|fairphone|dot|com and
  • What tests did you do?
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Hi! I have the same issue, did the Audio test as written in help section. I can listen to what’s app voice messages without speaker but calls. It’s so inconvenient.

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To clarify are you saying that during normal calls you cannot hear the caller via the ‘ear’ speaker? and are you sure you have the sound volumes set OK.

Sadly I have an FP3 with Android 10 so cannot check it out

Hi! Yes, nothing through the ear speaker and the volume is on. I checked. And since I can hear voice messages with my ears.

Sorry will have to leave this to another FP4 owner, maybe there is a setting for the ‘phone’ ‘call’ sound that you are missing.

If you haven’t saved a lot of data you can do a factory reset.

By the way if you do use an SD card ensure you either pre-format it or if the phone offers options choose ‘Portable’ or ‘External’ not ‘Internal’

Yeah, I went through settings and messaged to customer support too. Not ready to do a factory reset on a phone I use less than 2 weeks.

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So you did the tests as described here (10-step test) ? What was the result?

Apart from these tests which allow the hardware to be checked, there’s also the software. It’s usually important to do updates when they’re made available. A new update came out very recently (Monday).
Fairphone OS version FP3N.A.091.20211118 (Android 11) - November 29, 2021
If you haven’t yet done this update I would advise you to do so. See the release notes page.


Hi! Thank you for replying. I did the Audio test as in support section, mic 2 failed test. And yes, I did update this week.

In that case you’ll have to wait for a reply from support. Mic 2 is at the top. I don’t know whether it’s in the same module as the earpiece.

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If you can hear your messages via the speaker it’s not the speaker but software settings or failure.


Hi OldRoutard,

Yes - I updated today again and ran the test. I did hear the ‘ear speaker’ in the test, but when I use the phone for calls, I can’t hear the other side of the line (they can hear me). It is the same with calling with What’s app. I only hear people when I put the phone on speaker…

Very annoying. Is there something else I can do?

Did you check the volume settings for the ear speaker?

But not when calling ???

Exactly, not when calling which is strange

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Yes I checked all the settings, but unfortunately doesn’t work. Also did all the tests and spoke to the support team.

Now trying to get a new phone.

Same with me, told to get replacement but what I’m going to do without a phone :see_no_evil:

Have you tried a factory reset yet before you part with the phone and then try using it before you make any changes ??

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