No sound notification on incoming SMS

my FP3 won’t give any sound notification on incoming SMS. I’ve installed the latest original Software (November update) and selected a notification sound in the respective settings section. But each time I get a new SMS, a popup notification will come up, even on the lock screen, but there’s no sound. All other notifications are working flawlessly, it’s just the stock “Messages” app.
Any suggestions?

Did you check the volume settings? Settings > Sound
One of the sliders might have been reduced to 0.

P.S. There have been two updates in November (3.A.0132 and 0134)

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Yes, all volume sliders are at least at 1/2.
And my Phone is on 3.A.0134.

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I got 3.A.0134, too and no issues
What´s different on my side is that I use Silence for SMS and I have defined my own sound for it - but works also if the lock screen is active.

Do you use one of the default sounds or did you make your own? In case you do not use one of the default ones: Is the sound file placed in /storage/emulated/0/Ringtones or somewhere else on the device?

On my previous device (no FP) I had the issue that selfmade sounds were sometimes not played if the file is not placed in the named folder above.

Hope this helps …

I’ve tried different default sounds, but none of them will work.
Meanwhile, I’ve switched to Signal as default SMS app - which doesn’t seem to be affected by that issue. I can hear notification sounds and see popup notifications now. So it seems to be a bug in the stock messaging app.

This issue seems to be fixed with the latest app update.


Maybe just a glitch in your phone as previously you said you had the latest update 0134

I am not aware of a more recent update, but good to know the issue is resolved.

He was talking about an app update, not Fairphone software update:

And ‘Messages’ was updated yesterday on my FP3.


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