No sound in Slow Motion Videos


is it normal, that no sound is recorded while taking slow motion videos? It was always funny for my kids hearing themselves with the deep voices.

By the way, the google camera mod crashes when trying to take slow motion videos. :frowning:

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I don’t know if it’s normal. :man_shrugging: Some apps do it, some don’t. In my case, the stock app also doesn’t record audio.

Which mod do you use? Nikita’s works fine for me when it’s set to 1/4x. But 1/8x crashes. See Camera & Camera2 API - missing features & bugs

Thanks for your response. Oh, this is a pity. :frowning:

At my phone, 1/4 also don’t work. The app don’t crash but it don’t record a video. I even don’t see a preview (blanc screen).

Maybe there is an update. I will check this now.

The Gcam on a Pixel phone does record audio, with the slow motion effects.

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