No sound in left ear

Hi so suddenly there is no sound in my left ear since yesterday and I’m not sure if it comes from the speaker or cable
I did try to unplug and replug the cable and it fixed the issue twice but it’s not working anymore
It’s kinda annoying I only have the headphones since Christmas and I don’t want to spend too much money and I especially don’t want to get a replacement piece and then discover I had to get another one
Any help is appreciated

Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Could you please tell us about which device you are talking? The Fairbuds XL probably?

Please be aware, this is just a user forum, no official support from the company.


Try different earphones on your phone, or try a different device with your earphones to see what element the problem is.

Hello @Fabulalice
If it happened after a drop or a shake it might be the middle cable coming loose.
You can reseat the cable and see if that works, it is just above the speakers :slight_smile:

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