No sound from internal earphone

Hi all,
The internal earphone of my FP does not work for a while now. The only way to make sound, in particular during calls, is to use the loudspeaker, or wireless earphones. I tried everything I could imagine, without success…
BTW, if it is not a software problem, is it possible to replace the associated unit?
Thanks in advance.

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Before you replace it, you might want to make sure it’s a hardware issue. There is a built-in set of hardware tests in your FP3 which you can access by calling * # * # 6 6 # * # * or in the My Fairphone app. If you are not on Fairphone OS, you cannot access these tests, but you can install the the old Fairphone Checkup app (don’t install it from the Play Store as that version is even older and buggy) that offers a (much) more limited set of tests.

If it’s confirmed, here’s the spare part:

Instructions to replace the parts:


Thanks a lot!
I am using /e/OS so that I just have tested my FP with the Fairphone Checkup app and the “ear speaker” is not working. Can you confirm that the Top+ Module (16MP) includes the ear speaker? It is not clear for me when reading the description…

The “Description” at the bottom of the page calls it the “receiver”.
But you can also see it in the product photo, it’s in the lower half, the long dark grey rectangle in black background.

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Thanks a lot! It’s ordered !

I’ve just changed the part, but the earphone still doesn’t work. What’s more, if I try to use headphones via the jack, I can’t hear anything either… Could this be due to a software problem? I use eOS…
(Plus, I’ve just broken my screen, and given the cost of repairing it, I’m starting to consider switching to FP4…)
Thanks in advance,