No sound during some phone calls

Once you hold the phone to your ear when calling or being called the display should turn off automatically (so the user doesn’t operate the touchscreen with the ear, perhaps ending the call).

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Ah ok ok.
However yes, most of the time I put the fairphone near my ear and the display turns black, but the problem is the same.

This is a similar issue to mine (Microphone intermittently not working), although my issue is that the sound is only heard one way. It seems that your phone isn’t sending any sound, nor outputting any from the other caller! Mine has so far randomly fixed itself.

I have the same problem and it seems to get worser! It is very annoying.
It happens mostly with landlines. I don’t get a waiting tone and it switches to a call very quick but I hear nothing and they don’t hear me.


Unfortunately I have to add a “me too” reply to this thread. During a call I suddenly stop hearing the other party. They apparently don’t hear me either, but funny enough the call keeps going and there is even line noise. When I redial it works again for a while. This is very annoying and it breaks a crucial feature of the phone, like making a simple phone call.


I have the same problem. 66% of the phone calls don’t work. There is no tone and both me and my calling-partner don’t hear anything. This is extremely annoying.

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Me also - had the Fairphone about three weeks.

To everybody affected:

Android 10 should be just around the corner, it was announced for September 7. Although I guess it will be a staged rollout and not automatically available to every user immediately.

If this doesn’t somehow fix the issue, or if you don’t want to wait to find out, please contact Fairphone support and get your phones fixed …, as it seems we can’t do much about it here in the community forum.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) with Fairphone 3 expertise and parts in your vicinity, perhaps a module swap could identify a hardware culprit.

Or change the SIM card from slot 1 to 2:

Hello everybody,
I have the problem that I cannot make calls with my FP3. A connection is established but you cannot hear anything and you are not heard. If the FP3 is restarted it will work again. Does anyone know the problem? How can I solve this problem? greetings

This is a known issue:

For now, try swapping your SIM card from slot 1 to 2.

I moved the posts here to avoid duplicate posts (well, it’s already the case, but let’s avoid having another topic about this).

Same as others, with a brand new Fairphone 3+ with Android 10.

A connection is established but you cannot hear anything and you are not heard.
If the FP3 is restarted it will work again until next trouble.
Any solution foreseen?

It is kind of annoying and for now prevent me to recommend the phone to friends.

Kind regards

Same for me as Ken75. FP3+ Android 10.

I put the SIM in slot 2, and that seems to have resolved it, but I’ve only tried a few calls, so it may re-occur later.

Strangely enough, the “no sound” situation was the same with Telegram calls, which don’ t use the SIM.

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I have the same problem as others. The call will connect but neither party hears anything. It is a problem with normal phone calls and also WhatsApp. So I do not think that it is the SIM card. Somethings it will help to restart the phone, but not always. One time I had to restart the phone 3 times before it worked. Rather time consuming and frustrating.

I tried changing places of the SIM card and it worked for one phone call, but 12 hours later back to same problem with no sound.

I have contacted Fairphone support - see what they say.


Another me too here - started back in February intermittently but became permanent a couple of weeks ago. I’ve raised it with Fairphone but no response yet. Although, since raising it with Fairphone and my provider (The Phone Co-op) it seems to now be working again.

Which is very odd.

I have this problem too… Did you receive an answer from Fairphone support? What did they say?

An update from our CEO: Reported software issues and our next steps - Fairphone

Looks like the same problem as this topic : No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot

same problem here. I use my fariphone to place and receive calls. I know that is a bit odd but it is still a function that I call essential