No sound after connecting phone with bluetooth speaker

After I connected my phone to a bluetooth box speaker yesterday, my phone stopped making/playing any sound (in any app or even just when turning up the volume). I’ve read all related threads on this forum and couldn’t find anything that worked. I had already turned off bluetooth, but turned it back on to actively unpair the bluetooth speaker with the phone when I first noticed no sounds were playing. Then, I’ve turned the phone on and off several times, deleted the most recently installed apps in case they were to blame instead of the bluetooth situation, turned off Google Voice, put the phone on mute and then back on normal, but nothing. Any other possibilities before I try a hard reset? Really hope there is something else that I can try first!

I do get sound when I plug in my headphones, so it must be something with the internal speakers.

My phone is running on Kola Nut 1.8, my model is FP1U, Android version 4.2.2.

I’m beginning to get the idea that for some reason, the bluetooth action has actually blown up my internal speaker. Or would that be impossible? Does anyone know of a way to test this?

Someone just called me and I could hear their voice, so the internal speaker must be still working right? I’ll try the hard reset now. (I would have thought that 24 hours after my first post on a weekday, someone from Fairphone would have replied btw?)

This forum is run by the community and not by Fairphone, but you are right we are usually faster…
Unfortunately I can’t help you. :frowning:


Very odd problem. I can’t think of anything else, hard reset sounds like a plan.

Sounds like something got corrupted

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Just did the hard reset, and there is still no sound! Can someone understand how it is possible that I can still hear a voice during a phonecall, but not the phone ringing or any recordings or such? Is it possible that my internal speaker is actually broken? (In which case I could just get it replaced) Or is it true what I thought, that there are only two speakers, the internal and the earphone speaker? In that case it cannot be anything else but a software issue despite that the hard reset did not solve it, right? Thanks for the replies!

Oh no… I’ve just noticed that backup and restore does not backup and restore the notebook notes. That’s where I kept my ideas for lyrics and stuff, email address of people I should contact… I feel a bit sick… And still no sound! (obviously. Sorry, I needed to share this little drama with someone although it’s slightly off topic. But who knows, it might help someone who is also about to do a factory reset.)

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So for the people who come here before doing a factory reset: there are backup solutions out there (like TitaniumBackup, e.g.) which make it possible to restore the data for the pre-installed NoteBook app. But be aware that this is a system app, and you should thus restore just the data, not the app itself. HTH.

I think there are two speakers, one above the display and the other one on the back of the phone!

  • Since you get sound on other outlets, fortunately your sound card is intact.
  • The speaker above the display should also be OK since you hear voice.
  • I conclude that it must be the speaker on the back which is broken.

Usually you would get the replacement speaker in the Fairphone shop, but it seems sold out. :frowning: Your only chance seems to get a used / broken FP1 / FP1U, where the speaker can still be used. Maybe Support can help you with this! :slight_smile:

If you can get hold of one, the iFixit Repair Manual will help you.

I will wait for new replacement speakers to arrive at Fairphone! Thanks for your comments. Good to know that if that back speaker is broken it’s normal that I do hear voice (and can use headphones and such) but not other sounds. That back speaker must have blown up when I connected the phone to the bluetooth speaker box. Won’t be doing that again when I have replaced the speaker…

[On a side note, I do find it very odd that the inbuilt Backup and Restore should not backup files from stock apps. “Backup and restore all files” made me think it would backup ALL files. Heartbroken that it didn’t! Silly of me not to check it I suppose, but I was so bent on fixing the sound issue!]

Thanks everyone for discussing this with me!

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Very weird news: I did everything that was in my might to try and solve this with everyone’s help here, bar replacing the speaker, because it has been constantly out of stock since the problem first happened. So I got used to having been difficult to reach and took my earphones everywhere in case I needed to hear something on my phone.

Today I pressed a video in a whatsapp message to watch it without actually plugging in my headphones, because I guessed the sound didn’t matter too much for this one. And to my great surprise I DID get sound without headphones. And then I just tried to set a different ringtone and I also could hear that!

I had done two factory resets after the bluetooth problem already (after the first factory reset and doing a backup restore, it crashed pretty quickly (with the inbuilt backup/restore function); so I did another factory reset without a restore and I just pretended it was a new phone). But now that it suddenly started working again after weeks, it seems that it was a software issue all along. Maybe there has been a software update recently that fixed this?

It will be a long time before I dare to connect the phone to a bluetooth speaker again though!


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