No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot

Hi! Same issue here sinceI started using plugged-in headphones (those packaged with FP3).
I’ll try to reboot the phone but I hope this issue will be fixed soon because it’s quite annoying (I plug and unplug headphones often…).
Cheers, Nhezumi

Hi there,

Same issue for me, each time I put my music on pause and then put play the track, I’v a weird sound and then no sound at all … I have to reboot each time to recover the sound.
It happens with any app, Spotify, my radio app, VLC… each time i put pause… no sound.

Chiming in with the same issue - calls I make and receive are just silent at least half the time. Headphone issue less common but still happens…

Same here… I’ll track the thread, and hope this gets solved.

Same problem here too

Same problem here… I will open a ticket.

And it’s back to audio working every second time only

This came back since the last update few days ago

I keep on rebooting the phone, coz It’s very inconvenient to have to recall everyone a second time


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Well, I’ve got the same problem, will follow this threat in case someone knows the fix.

Same issue here.
Never had WiFi calling enabled, never used wired headphones.
Happens completely random every other day or three times a day imo.

The way I see it the hotfix record is not good at all, too slow. I’m sure a lot of people by now have heard that fairphones are unreliable.

I have the same problem with my new FP3 I bought directly from the Fairphone shop (in the middle of March). I’ll follow this threat and hope for a better solution to be found than the frequent reboot.

Hi Mugel, what happend to your ticket? Did you get any useful response?

They just came up with the usual “do a factory reset” crap… Nothing helpful, but the problem didn’t appear anymore since the update that fixed the notification LED.


I had the same issue, but after the last update with the notifcation LED, its gone.

True =)

… in my case I still have the problem… Always after using headphones or else in the headphone jack…

Same problem here and pretty annoyed by now that it’s still not fixed since it’s been an issue for so long.
It doesn’t depend on the usage of headphones any more. Just happens randomly and quite frequently :frowning:

Has anyone tried a factory reset yet? Don’t expect it to change anything, so I’m reluctant to do it.

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Same problem here. It happends like 75% of the times when I am bluethooth connected with my car radio (not using any music apps) or headset (using spotify).

Really irritating and not the only isseu I have with my FF3 I bought from a reseller in januari.

I have the same problem. Some calls work. Done don’t.

Same problem here, bought my FP3 from the official site a week ago.

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If they don´t fix this soon i have to give my fairphone back. Its basicly unusable for calls right now.