No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot

Same problem here, bought my FP3 from the official site a week ago.

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If they don´t fix this soon i have to give my fairphone back. Its basicly unusable for calls right now.


I still have the same problem, bought FP3 online st FP…

Same problem here, almost every time i call. The call after the no-sound-call does have sound so i now call everyone twice. Hope Fairphone will fix it soon. Haven’t noticed a patern yet but i’ll keep trying. Will track this conversation as well.

Just a thought seeing this … @Sarina_Turner @GJs @Fairswissmiss @MarineSloth @ticki23 @Cui @Mkbk … apart from contacting support always being a good idea so that they get an idea about the scope of the problem, even if they already heard about a case from someone else:

What does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?
Currently it should include A.0134 as the current OS version.

There were some network provider related update hickups in the past, so when the updater said the phone was up-to-date, it wasn’t always the case.


The Support just told me that i should contact my reseller Roger a refund. My Software build Numbers is 8901.2.A.0134.20200703.

Good luck, because you have exceeded the return period of 14 days already.

Well If im Not able to make Calla the Phone cant be used therefor its “broken”

Right, but usually a refund from the reseller after 14 days is a “good will act”. In any case, you are entitled to make use of the Fairphone 3 warranty:

Yeah but i dont even want that. I Like my Fairphone i Just want them to fix it!

Same issue for me… are they working on a fix?

Hello, I have this problem with the second FP3: sometimes I need 2-3 tries so that we can hear each other.
What can I do?


The same problem is coming back more often now, and around every 3 calls give me sound only. I did not use the headphone since the last reboot, but the speakers only. It seems to me that there is a fundamental problem about switching to different audio out devices : small speaker vs loudspeaker vs headphone.

To fairphone people, which I’m sure read this forum every now and then, this thread shows that many people are impacted, and it has been reported almost a year ago.
Could it be time to take action ? Maybe first give feedback that the problem has been taken into account.

Many here have already reported the problem to the reseller, which only suggested doing a factory reset. This has been tested and does not help


Hello Everyone

I invite everyone who hasn’t done it yet to fill up a request support on fairphone website :



Support reached out me a few days ago they say theyre on it but can Tell when the Patch will Roll Out.


Are these issues fixable with a software update or is there something with the hardware core module?

Does installing /e/ or LineageOS fix the issue?

In this topic people suggested putting the SIM card in the 2nd SIM slot.

You might want to try this. I am testing it myself now as well to see if it solves the problem for the moment.

For the rest fingers crossed the FP team fixes this issue soon.

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Swap your SIM card from slot 1 to 2.

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I’ve been having this problem too, and have tried all the proposed solutions apart from factory reset. The phone has also been rebooting at random, several times a day. I visited my service provider today to obtain a new sim card, and now can make no outgoing calls at all.

Pulling the sim and using my old sony with broken microphone instead. At least that one is reliable with a headset. Sorry fairphone, you’ve lost me.

Hello all, I have the same issues since nearly a year that I bought the fairphone 3 from a reseller. I made a request to fairphone today, I am waiting for their answer. I always fix the problem by rebooting but it not really convenient to miss some calls or to call twice each time. Did anyone sent it back or get a feedback from fairphone? In the last case scenario, I will probably try to send it to the reseller but I do not have an old phone to use in the meantime and as the problem is not permanent and is resolved by rebooting I don’t see how the repair service can reproduce the bug?