No sound 50+% of the time in calls, until reboot

I saw this one too.
I installed Simple Dialer yesterday. Made it the main app for calling. Then I cleared the cache of the regular dialer and uninstalled it.
The first few calls seem to improve voice quality.
I’ll give an update after a few days


I keep my fingers crossed!!
It’s at least a temporary solution, that does not cause too many troubles, though the app might lack some functions one is used to.

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Was it about voice quality ?
Or about silent calls (none side hear the other), happening randomly, which can only be fixed by reboot once it starts to happen ?
If silent calls, have you tried to trigger the problem by opening a game and playing an add ?
I was using that to trigger it : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.computerlunch.evolution&hl=en&gl=US

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It starts with bad audio quality (on the receiving end) and it ends with me being almost impossible to hear.
Too bad the option for a different dialer app also failed, the problem persists.

This seams to be a different problem than the one targeting that very topic. You may open another topic if you want.
In any case, do contact the support, and write them over and over about wanting to get refund or return your phone for repair. They cannot refuse that, as long as you have already done “reasonable” troubleshooting, which I think you did with your lasts posts.


I’m concerned the above quote is a bit awry, and given the authors experience, as posted elsewhere, to which they privided link(s) I am at not in agreement with the advice.

Fairphone won’t accept what users here thinks is ‘reasonable’ they will probably ask you do tests and send screenshots of the build etc.

But further as @Bas_tien stated this post is different from your issue, i will see if i can find a link to something more akin to your issue, though it may be no more helpful.

So yes, put in an official support, if this continues for a week or two, but only once, please :slight_smile:

I haven’t the patience to read all 212 posts to see what you have done to resolve the issue, so It may well be a useful idea to start another topic with a more specific title relating to your issue.

I think you are knee-jerking (FAQ - Fairphone Community Forum)
You seam to contradict anything that I write.
I think you are still no satisfied about my use of the word dishonest in that topic :
Group action against Fairphone for dishonest support on Fairphone 3

Yo are now attacking me personally (again) with "given the authors experience ".
Usual ways of attacking the messenger rather than the message.
I have now flagged your post for knee-jerking

I can’t believe people are still buying this shit about the SIM.

And I can’t believe people don’t really read the advice given but just pick out 1 or 2 words.
Because did I mention anywhere the problem is caused by the SIM card in the case of Bas_tien is his issue in this specific reply?
Nope, I didn’t…

Please read the advice again and do yourself and the rest of the forum a pleasure next time to not reply in such a rude way. Nobody is waiting for that.

It clearly says just to remove the SIM card before doing the reset and put it back when you are done, this is common advice which all phone manufacturers will give when you are going to install an update or upgrade and something went wrong with this. This doesn’t mean the SIM card is faulty, it is just to avoid it giving issues during the update/upgrade process, which sometimes happens, also with perfectly fine SIM cards.


Hello, just wanted to let you know that my wife is also bothered by this same problem. It is very disturbing to receive calls and not to be able to hear anything from her (calling from her FP3)… This issue has existed more or less for many month (she has the FP3 for 10months now) but is very frequent now.
I think I tried every setting, SIM swapping etc… But nothing really worked. Moreover, she does not do heavy thing with her phone ! Whats’app/Signal, a few photo/wideo here and there and she plays candycrush.
I have just installed xposed and the addon mentionned by @angry_dodo to see if it can help.
Moreover I plan to test more specifically after each time she plays Candycrush, see if maybe adds may interfere with the audio and set the phone audio engine in a corrupted state, who knows… But if anyone has a solution, let me know !
FaiPhone, we count on you to repair it, or at least issue an explanation how to reduce this problem :confused:


Just to be sure ? I hope you do know this forum is not official support and you may want ask for official support.



as far as I know, official support has help no-one for the time being. So my expectations are quite low and nowadays I’m fed-up with all the brands “official support” people who act as robot and I just lose my time.I haven’t tried Faiphone’s but according to previous post by people who tried, there is no use…
The new suspect app this morning is the Majhong app: my wife did not play for a few weeks and it seems she did not have the mic problem during this time. It reappeared once she started playing Majhong again. I’ll investigate and will tell you if I find anything.


Can you tell me if this issue appears after an ad with a light green bar at the bottom is playing?
Like there:

Because for me the receiver stops working everytime this specific kind of ad plays. I also wrote the support that i can reliably reproduce this issue.


@Peter_Hofinger thanks, this is a very good clue. My wife is now advised to beware the green bar !

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Hi all,

I have this issue since june 2020 as least

I open a case at the official support + send back my phone => nothing work

No usefull help from Fairphone compagny

Anyone as a usefull help on the subject ?


I try to reboot
=> Call OK

Watch an add => Call KO

You made a lot @Bas_tien for this trouble

Why the support didnt make his part ?

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It made me really sad to read the conversation of the last week. And I say this as a person who does not hold back my criticism of Fairphone. We should really care our community feeling and try to be kind to each other, especially with everything which is going on right now around us.

Without questions, this technical issue and the handling of the official Fairphone support has lead to a lot of frustration. Once again, I am asking @rae or any other FP employee to give a statement which can clear this. I am not concerned about me, I could replace my FP3 and have now a FP3 which works. But I am concerned about the negative impact on our community.


Since the update to Android 10 I had the same issue with my Fairphone 3.
I had no sound 50% of the time in calls until a reboot.
I tried some solutions from this forum, but nothing helped.
Also the Fairphone Support didn’t help me.

After a while I recognized that the issue had disappeared. I think this was about September '20.
Then the update to FP3 3.A.0066 came up, which I installed right away, to surely get rid of the problem.
But after the update the issue came back.

And again the issue disappeared for no reason in about the middle of December '20.
Now I will not do any updates, until the problem is surely fixed by the new update.

My settings:
2 Sim Cards used
VoLTE: Enhanced 4G LTE Mode is disabled
VoWIFI: Wi-fi calling is disabled
I’m using Nova Launcher instead of the standard launcher

My question:
Did the latest update 3.A.0077 help anyone whith this issue?


How do you build a community with a bad product and worse support?

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I don’t have to reboot but my sound issues are intermittent too and the same after 0077 :frowning: