No simcard detected (both instantly!)


I did shutdown my OPEN fairphone 2 (android 19.x) yesterday and let it charge all the night (with a 0.5A “chager”/“cable”…).
Today, when i unpluged it turn it on, it doesnt detect any simcard no more! (Both of them…)

I already tried to reboot my phone and get both simcard out to clean them, then put them back…

And still my phone doesnt detect anyone. What can i do?

  • try a simcard from other people
  • take the battery from phone, wait 1 hour and put it back, try again

I know this problem from my Fairphone 2. Sometimes after a sudden reboot, the SIM cards are not detected anymore, so I need another one or two reboots after which the SIM cards are detected again.

So try to reboot your phone more than once when the SIM cards are not detected.


Exactly the same problem here too! Sometimes it takes a whole hour before they work again. I suspect it might have something to do with how much charge is in the battery.

There is a related problem that prevents me from booting when it is charging, so I makes it difficult to work out exactly what the problem is.

This was fixed in the 19.02.1 update of Fairphone OS (, an update for FP Open OS was released at the same time), please make sure you are running the latest version.

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I’m on build 19.05.3, kernel 3.4.0-perf-g.183067ce426, Android v7.1.2

It’s not obvious which of those issues you link to is the one we are talking about. Maybe the power-up issue when recharging? This issue with non-recognition of SIMs is obviously still there :frowning:

Yes, I cited what you said about booting while charging. If your problem is not the same as issue #26 in the bug tracker, please describe it in more detail.

OK, that’s correct, the FP2 does boot while plugged in now. That was a bit of a killer because it demanded a 10 or 15 mins charge before it had enough charge to turn on without the cable.

Glad that’s sorted.

I am still suspicious that the SIM problem has something to do with low battery charge - I’ll see if I can verify that at all, maybe it’ll help.

Very wild guess, but it could be related with heat, as the battery will heat up when being charged when it’s nearly empty and is next to the SIM slots.

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Same for me. I started using my FP2 in 2017, though it was a couple of years older.

I’ve always had 2 SIMs in my phone

The ‘No SIM detected’ symbol would occasionally light up. A reboot would ensure they were detected again.

‘No SIM detected’ is now far more common. Every two days, more often if I’m travelling. It is now much harder to get the phone to re-detect the SIMs. 3-4 hours with the battery outside of the phone sometimes works. If not, the battery has to stay outside for longer.

I wonder if it has something to with the battery. The battery now needs to be charged every night to keep my phone alive during the day with moderate usage. The reduction in battery capacity has come at the same time.

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Try a #dic:kickstart . Perhaps you can improve your battery with it.

Any updates on this since August?
I’ve had the same problem for months – when I first turn it on, I’m unlikely to show both SIMs recognised (although sometimes it works on first start).

It will take me anywhere between 2-15 tries. Obviously each try uses the battery to reboot, so it really heats up. This morning it was 6 times.

In addition, occasionally (1 x week?) in the middle of the day, it will stop recognising the SIM cards. I can see incoming calls – they show up as ‘Emergency calls’, but have no option to answer them.

I use two different batteries, and I haven’t noticed a difference between them.

Anyone find a solution?


In your case it sounds to me as a problem for the phone to recognize/communicate with your SIM cards.
So if you have a working backup you can try after doing a factory reset to rule out software problems.
If it’s no software problem you should try to exchange the SIM cards.

I heard from @aral-matrix, who I believe runs LineageOS, that there were some issues when one SIM had a PIN but the other one didn’t. If this is the case for you too, you could try giving a PIN to both?

Interesting. How do I know if either has a PIN?
Also, a new turn of events is that I swapped yesterday to the Phone Co-op, and now the problem is still happening (constant restarts to get it to connect) with the added bonus that now the second SIM (ee through my work) isn’t showing any signal. Joy of joys!

I’ll try a factory reset over the weekend, and see what happens.

Thank you very much for the ideas!

My FP2 OS decided to self-destruct itself (pull-down menu and home button not working), so I had to do a factory reset. After that, the self-destruction was tidied up again plus I did not notice that SIM-non-detection anymore for now. The random reboots did however not fully disappear.

But factory resetting should not be the solution. I never was so angry of my FP2 as during the backup, factory reset and re-setup process.

The issue I had with the PIN thing that @AlbertJP mentioned above was that the primary SIM was not able to support 4G/LTE when the secondary SIM had no PIN set. You can disable / enable SIM check in the security settings for your SIM.

So what happened on LineageOS (14, I still have to fastboot to the newer version, been too lazy to do it), was that my primary SIM did have a PIN, but my secondary had the PIN check disabled because it’s a prepaid thing only to be able to receive calls on that number.
The sequence of events on phone boot as I suspect they happened:

  1. non-locked SIM gets activated, network services loaded, 4G settings loaded (but no 4G available on this card, and mobile data disabled(!) for this card)
  2. I enter the PIN for my primary SIM
  3. primary SIM gets activated, network services loaded, but 4G settings can not load, because LineageOS only supports 4G/LTE on one SIM card at a time
    – so I ended up with a configuration where the 4G/LTE settings were only loaded for the first SIM, which was not my data SIM, and I could not use 4G (or even 3G, iirc)

What fixed it was activating the PIN lock on the 2nd SIM card, so that it does not get initialized before the primary SIM. However, now I have to deal with another LineageOS bug (minor inconvenience) that after entering one PIN, the lock screen shows for the 2nd PIN, but while you are entering that 2nd PIN, the screen resets upon initialization of the 1st SIM, and your entries are re-set :slight_smile: So basically now it’s: 1) enter PIN 1, 2) wait until screen resets, 3) enter PIN 2, and then you can unlock your phone.


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@TobiasF: Now that I read your mention of random reboots, I realize an observation I have made:

Since my FP2 battery seems to be dying (lasts < 24h and drains fast), I now constantly have the FP in battery saving mode. And I do not recall a single random reboot since using the battery saving mode.


I am having the same issue (discovered on an overseas trip in Dec '19, the first time I tried Dual-SIM).

It worked once, but following a random reboot (I think) both SIMs are not recognised if there are two SIMs installed. (I have never tried rebooting enough times to find out if it works eventually - always gave up at 3 or 4x and took out the SIM in Slot 2). Either SIM in Slot 1 always works.

Trying now to reboot as many times as it takes, then will investigate if a SIM works when in Slot 2 with Slot 1 empty (anyone tried this?), then will investigate if adding PIN to SIM 2 helps anything. Reluctant to do it as I like the convenience of not having a SIM PIN. But it’s better than Dual SIM being totally disabled as it is now.

***Update: SIM only in Slot 2 works fine.
**** Update: SOLVED! I did the following:

  • Got my SIM cards patched up by supergluing (sorry techy people) the nanoSIM chip into the microSIM surround (just talking about the plastic SIM chips here) so the nano SIM couldn’t possibly detach/wiggle around at all in the microSIM outer ring. They were a little loose before and I suspected that may be an issue, plus it was annoying. Good to know the nano chip won’t detach now if I swap the SIMs around.
  • Added a PIN on SIM 2 (SIM 1 has no PIN). Suspect this is what fixed it in the end.
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