No SIM Toolkit on Fairphone 5?

I received my Fairphone 5 yesterday and I have twice tried to proof my identity to Finnish services by mobiilivarmenne (mobile ID). On other phones I instantly get a full screen prompt from SIM Toolkit with event number and request for PIN code, but on Fairphone 5 nothing happens.

Is there no SIM Toolkit on it? I have seen posts referring to it existing on older models of Fairphone.

I am using an eSIM from Telia Dot, but it has mobile ID activated in the app and another eSIM is on iPhone SE2020 which still has mobile ID working.

I’m sure I had it on my FP3 some time ago - not certain if it was still there in Android 13. I’ll check later if you like.

EDIT - I’ve checked via settings - apps and found it there though, on my FP5, so it’s not missing, it’s just not visible in the app drawer. Maybe you’ve disabled it (or removed some permissions) by mistake?


Thanks for checking, I don’t think I have removed it or any permissions, but I will have to investigate it tomorrow with a better time as it’s getting late here in Finland.

In my earlier post I also forgot to link to more information about the mobile ID system in case it would have been beneficial:

On my FP5 is present:

  • In Settings/App as “SIM Toolkit” (without Uninstall or Deactivate button)
  • In Launcher as “T-Mobile”
  • ID of app is:

I have physical SIM from T-Mobile Czech

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Thank you for the replies, everyone. I think this was either an user or carrier (documentation) error, or even both and I managed to resolve it.

I first opened the carrier app (Telia Dot), went to contract settings, chose the SIM in my Fairphone 5 and selected mobile ID.

The app said the mobile ID was enabled, but also You may change or create a new PIN by reregister your mobile ID through the link below and when I went through the registration progress, it started working as expected.

I wonder if my mobile ID was stuck on the physical SIM (that I self-serviced switched to eSIM when switching to the Fairphone as I have a cheaper data SIM from another carrier) and errorneously wasn’t automatically revoked or regenerated upon the SIM change, but that is no longer a concern here.

(In case anyone else is a customer of Telia Dot, I am using the app in Finnish and loosely translating everything back to English for the purposes of this thread.)


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