No SIM-Card after Screen Change!

Hey girls and guys,

today I changed my broken screen and first all went right.
But when I started my phone again there was a notification “No SIM-Card”. So I’m wondering if I destroyed something?
Maybe some of you had same issues and can help me?


Sorry for my bad english :blush:

Edit: Fixed it :smile:

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Hey @Okimon,

Welcome to the forum!
I’m glad you fixed your issue with your sim card, could you explain how you did it?

But since the problem is fixed I put this topic on autoclose (it closes 10 days after the last reply). If the problem occurs again after the 10 days please contact us moderators to reopen the topic.

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@EvaS had the same problem after she had replaced the screen and we fixed it in the end by opening up the phone again and checking all the connectors. The cable between motherboard and daughterboard is a weak spot and has to be connected tightly.

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