No Signal notifications

Hi all,
I use Signal as my SMS service (on my Fairphone 4), and suddenly I don’t get any notifications about new messages (and no sound either!). I need to open the app to check if anything has arrived.
I have tried checking the settings via the Signal app menu and via the ‘apps and notifications’ → see all apps → Signal → notifications. But so far I haven’t been able to fix it.

Has anyone experienced the same problem? And even better: knows how to fix it?
I already miss the LED light from my old Fairphone 2 to see if something has happened on my phone, but that I need to open the app to check for messages is really annoying.

Best regards,

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So you see other notifications? What operating system have you installed, the standard Fairphone or e.g. e/OS?

Thank you very much for answering - but I think I have solved it by turning the notifications off and then repeating what I wrote above - and then restarting the phone. Apparently I missed the restart to make it work. Sorry for this, guys!
So I’ll close the post for now and hope it’ll work from now on.


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