No shortcut to clock app in lock screen, Android 6.0?

While I am happy that the update removed the possibility of my phone not showing me the time when the screen was lit up, I am frustrated about not being able to open the clock app (for setting an alarm or start a timer) quickly from the lock screen. Is there a way to to this that I have not found, or will I have to install some other app?

From the lock screen? That was possible for you with Android 5.1? Or do you mean from some widget on the launcher?

Yes. The FP lockscreen-widget had an “edit!” button that took you to the clock app.

@olavsh: Yes, you’ll have to install another app to get that function back. Either a different lockscreen app that allows custom lockscreen widgets + a widget app, or something like Gravitybox (needs XPosed & root) which allows you to edit the lockscreen.


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