No service - SIM cards not recognised

My phone says it has no service - the data connection works fine but unable to make or receive calls or texts - I have tried another SIM in the phone and that does not work either - the SIM symbol just looks as if the slots are empty - so I don’t think this is a sim card problem but could it be with handset or phone settings??

Try if switching on airplane mode and off again makes a difference.

No that makes no difference

If the mobile data works (or are you talking about wifi?) and calls/sms do not, it seems to me as if you have a problem with 2G but 3G works. What’s your provider?

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Ah now that i have turned Wi-Fi off actually it doesn’t look as if the mobile data is working although it says its connected - am with O2 ( through giff gaff)

Could you please send a screenshot (press power and vol- at the same time)? I’d like to see how this looks like: “SIM symbol just looks as if the slots are empty” and “it says its connected”…

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Well if neither mobile data nor calling works and both SIM symbols show the empty slot symbol then either both SIMs you tried are not working (how old are they?) or the SIM slot is damaged or dirty. Did you try the second slot as well?
If you switch SIM cards, especially when using an adapter - you

I’ve got a FP2 and have this problem - I assumed it was a network coverage issue as I’m on a new network with my new phone (UK Co-op mobile, through EE I think) but reading this post maybe it is a problem with the phone. I get the empty triangle symbol that there is no signal and the top left of the homescreen says either ‘emergency calls only’ or ‘no service’ instead of the network provider. This can last for a few minutes up to about half an hour. Doesn’t happen regularly but has happened 4 or 5 times since I got my phone on 8 Feb.

Sorry I can’t screenshot it
However now the symbol for the SIM just shows a small data connection but no service
Phone status says no service and under Sim management its only the DATA connection setting that is active- voice, text and video call settings are not highlighted and its not possible to turn them on
Thank you

I also have this problem. Just started today and has lasted about 4 hrs so far. Both Sim slots say empty no matter what is in them, no data and no calls except emergency. Every now and then a small searching symbol appears by the Sim slot display but then it goes to the red cross again. Have tried rebooting, airplane mode and taking battery out and wiping Sim cards. Nothing

Have you already tried your SIMs in another phone and other SIMs in your phone?

Ok so it’s the Sim card not the phone. Will call the Coop…

I thought it was the sim and i have ordered another one which i have activated - it recognises the SIM but its only the data connection which is switched on ( highlighted) under the Sim Management settings - when i look at the phone status and the network provider it just says i can’t connect and no service - i think it must be the phone and not the SIM?
Trudy Aspinwall