No selfie camera detected


The selfie camera is no longer detected on my phone (FP3) for a few months. I thought it was a software update (I was running LineageOS) so, I finally reinstalled Fairphone OS yesterday but it’s still not detected. I also bought a new top module recently (for other reasons) but it did not changed it as well.
I have tried with the Fairphone default camera app and Open camera but both don’t show me this camera (nor does the camera app within Signal).

I can not figure out if it is hardware or software.

I have found this adb command which seems to confirm there is only one :

$ adb shell dumpsys
== Service global info: ==

Number of camera devices: 1
Number of normal camera devices: 1
Number of public camera devices visible to API1: 1
    Device 0 maps to "0"
Active Camera Clients:
Allowed user IDs: 0

Any idea?


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