No roaming possible

i am just staying in Ireland with my German Vodafone- sim.
Although I enabled roaming, there is no roaming possible. Vodafone sais, it should be working…
As my second somit does no roaming either,I think it is the Fairphone2 again.
Can anyone help me?


I have no problems with roaming
Did you check the settings in the sim card entries as well as in “Datennutzung”, three dots menu, Mobilfunknetze?


In what way? No signal at all / signal but ‘emergency calls only’ / calls working normally but no data / something else?


Is your second SIM Vodafone as well?

Does roaming work in other countries?

If your contract ist old, I would suggest that you log in to your acount on the Vodafone Website and check if roaming was disabled or restricted in the past. Sometimes these old settings are still active (it happened to my mother with her O2 contract).


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