No response from Fairphone, is Covid-19 slowing things down?


I placed and order for a FP3 via the FP website 8 days ago I emailed support as there was a small problem with my order but have heard nothing back at the moment. I also tried to call but I live in the UK and I was on hold for 15 minutes to an international number so decided to hang up.

I’m guessing their slower with Covid-19 disrupting operations anyone else having delays?

It’s normal. It always takes a month or two. Maybe longer with corona.

This is the official word from Fairphone:

Did the shop register your order correctly and assign an order #?


If you’re talking about the delay in contacting the helpdesk, I sent them an email 2 days ago and received an answer yesterday. I could also contact them twice by phone without much delay.
Maybe you called during lunch hours? I would say try again.

Thanks for the reply, I can’t really afford to call an international number atm.

Is the helpdesk the same as support? Please could you share the link you used.

I contacted them again yesterday via the website and haven’t heard a reply. Checked my spam and web account.

Bear in mind Fairphone Support only works Mo-Fr 9.30-17.30 (as written on

These are Dutch times, or GMT +2 because daylight saving time.

I ordered my fairphone 3 from which I am writing right now on May 18th and received it on June 5th, I live in Spain. Right after placing the order I received a confirmation of the order and that the payment was done correctly. I was impatient first and planned to write them. Then I read elsewhere on the forum that it takes some time so I waited, and here it is :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply.

Fairphone got back to me yesterday and said they had updated the problem.

If anybody else is contacting them they must just be running slow. I sent the message on 27/05 so it’s 11 days for a response.

I think you can take 1 day off, as June 1st was a holiday in the Netherlands (Whit Monday).
So that leaves 10 days.

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