No response from customer service

Am I the only one not getting a response from customer support?
I tried to cancel an order but never got a response. Now I try to return the product but I am sent around in a loop on the website. I risk that 14 days will pass, which is the period I have to return the order. It says on the website that customer support will tell me where to send it, but as I said, they don’t answer :frowning: .

Hi Ana1 and welcome to the community forum :slightly_smiling_face:

In cases like this you might do better by calling them: 10:00-13:30 (CEST) Monday-Friday ✆ +31 20 788 4400

Make sure to tell them about your original cancellation.


Don’t worry about it. I requested a return of my (first) FP4 last year. They didn’t respond either for months. Which meant I could try out the phone extra long. Eventually I got the return label and could sent it back without issues. Of course make sure there is no damage. They even allowed to “sent” the accessoires back. I quote that, because they actually just refunded me because it wasn’t worth the extra CO2 (their explanation). FP has their heart and priorities in the right place. That’s why I reorderd the FP4 several months later when they improved their camera. Among other reasons to support their goal of course.

But yes, their support should improve. They need to hire more staff or streamline things better (with automation). But we can only speculate where the problem lies with these long delays in communication.


Hi and welcome.

As long as you have evidence that you made contact within the 14 days to say you wanted to send it back you have done what is required under contract. As UPPERCASE said just don’t damage it if you continue to use it ??

Have had no response at all, not even an email to acknowledge your desire to return, then as OldRoutard said you could call to inform them which at least may put you at ease, whilst you wait to return it.

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Hello everyone

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile: :smiley:. Unfortunately, I have already tried to call a few times without getting through

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