No reception in Australia

Hi, I’m traveling atm and didn’t have a problem with my fp2 at the last stop in Thailand. For the flight I put the phone in flight modus and now I’m in Australia and my phone can’t find any reception. The sim cards can’t be the problem. I have a Germany and a New Zealand one and have used both of them in Australia before. Do I need to change the settings? And has anyone had this problem before?

  • You can try to change the settings which SIM card is using 2G only or also 3G and 4G. Only one of the SIMs can use 3G or 4G.
  • Maybe have a look at which was mentioned elsewhere in the forum.
  • If you remember which roaming provider you used previously, you can choose it manually in the mobile networks settings.

I was in Australia from December till January and the FP2 worked fine with Telstra and Vodafone until it braked down. But that is another story.

I was in Australia last summer (our sumer :stuck_out_tongue:) and everything worked fine with my Austrian and my Australian SIM card. But of course if you are in a remote area (Outback), you can’t have reception since there are no signal towers/transmitters/whatever they are called.

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Please note that Telstra turned 2G recently off, the other providers will follow soon. If you were connected via Telstra 2G, you will now be unable to do that.

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I tried 3G and 4G but it didn’t work. Will try it again though. When I tried to connect manually it said that it can’t connect, I should try again later.
And I’m in Sydney and my bf is having full reception with his German sim-card so that can’t be the problem.

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