No Reaction on my Support Request (from 2016/08/05)


I opened a Support Request (ID: 120608) on August 05, 2016 09:14.
Unfortunately, I have not received a response.

What should I do to get help?


Have you tried to call the support?

When a support Team offers me a way to connect without Call Center I choose this way, because my English isn’t good enough to talk on phone.

Also i do not like to phone, when ist is possible to write.

I see it right your way. I don’t think a professional service should ignore messages on channels that they offer by their own. I know many here want to contradict me on the word “ignore”. Except you, right ? :frowning:

The latest update that we heard was that the average time to first answer is now ~12 days (here), so it is indeed strange that there is no response yet. Have you checked the spam folder in your e-mail client for any replies (this has turned out to be the problem on more than one occasion)? Alternatively, if you log in to your support account, you should also be able to see whether there were any replies.

If/When you call support, they should be able to put you through to somebody who speaks Dutch, French, German, or Spanish if you’re more comfortable in those languages (and possibly a bunch of other languages), though I understand that calling them shouldn’t be necessary.

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thx for your replies.
I checked my spam folder and in my support account isn’t any answer.
On August 22, 2016 11:01 I asked to an answer first time… no response…

Did you ever get an automated reply? If not something went wrong and they never got your request.
You can send them a mail to Please add your request number there so they can check out what went wrong.

Yes i get an automated reply…

after 3 weeks i have send a mail to

no reaction …

okay, i’ll try a new mail…

Good news.
On 2016/09/26 evening Mr. Douwe Schmidt from Fairphone
write a mail with Informations for the next Steps.



The reaction time is short now: I wrote to support@fairphone at Sept. 24. (reason: Auto-brightness issue since 1.6.2 / 16.08), got an answer at 26., immediatly replied and got the next answer at 27.



PS: To me it seems, they didn’t know about this issue and have no solution.

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I wrote support 7th September, 3 weeks ago, still no reply

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