No Picture Upload on Signal with Fairphone 1

Hi, does anybody have an idea how I could manage to download pictures on signal with the android version of fairphone 1? Seems not to work any more…
Do I need to buy a new phone??
What a pity…
Thanks for any clues

From all I know, Signal now requires that your device runs at least Android 4.4. If you are still on the Fairphone OS (Android 4.2.2) that your FP1 came with, you can upgrade it yourself to z3ntu’s unofficial KitKat (Android 4.4.4) for FP1:

In the process of this upgrade, you probably need to completely delete all data on your FP1, so if you need to backup anything, you need to do it beforehand.


thank you urs, great to know, there is a solution!

to backup I need to connect with my desktop via cable ? that works - but I cannot transfer the dates - or do you have another idea or proposal how to backup the data

thanks a lot!

You can also get yourself an SD (or better: SDXC) card for your FP1 and save your backup on that.

P.S.: While 4.4.4 works well, my individual experience has been that it’s a bit “thirstier” – the battery will need to be recharged a bit more frequently (my estimate: like 25-33 % quicker).

One more thing: As far as I remember, the built-in Backup & Restore app/functionaility on the FP1 (Android 4.2.2) is not in 4.4.4, so if you used it under 4.2.2, you might not be able to restore the data from it in 4.4.4.

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