No outgoing calls/SMS

My partner’s FP1 has suddenly stopped being able to make calls or send SMSs. Power is fine, credit is fine, and she can receive both calls and SMSs. Her outgoing calls never connect; her outgoing SMSs never get delivered (she gets a Not Sent flag and I never receive them).

This seems to have started after a rather confused session of taking photos/videos, when some buttons may have got pressed accidentally - we can’t think of anything else.

She has successfully rebooted in Safe Mode, which made no difference at all.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Paul.

Try factory reset.
I don’t own a fp1 but check if there is an option o settings>maintenance>checkup

First of all, FP1 doesn’t have a Checkup App.

How old is your SIM? Does it happen with other SIM cards too?

Thanks for the responses. For what it’s worth, it turned out simply to be a network problem - poor coverage over quite a wide area (in rural north Wales). It seems very odd to me, given the ease with which it was receiving incoming messages, but that’s what the service provider (The Phone Co-op - highly recommended) said, and it fits the facts, in that the problem just disappeared on returning home.

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