No notification sound anymore

From quite recently I have no sound anymore for my notifications.
I’ve checked almost everything but it still doesn’t work.
I’ve also tried to change notification sounds but my phone stays mute…
Any idea of what happens ? Please help !

So only notifications are affected - or does this include ringtone volume as well?

It affects only notifications… but I have rebooted my FF and it plays sounds again… except for one application whose I checked the appropriate settings…

I have found the origin of my problem. It was a notification setting on the notifier side.
Thank you for your help

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I seem to have this problem. I have the volume turned up full and if I’m lucky, I’ll hear a subtle ping that is by no means audible. I checked the notifications settings (which is on) and checked if vibrate was on (it is) and the phone definitely does not vibrate. When a call comes through, I can hear it but its so low, I often miss calls.
What should I do?

Your problem is not the same as mine.
Have you tried to reboot your FF ?
I have no better idea to give you…

Yes, I have rebooted several times and I agree, its not the same issue! I was trying to get my message across that its something to do with an audio element though not the speakers as call quality is perfect. Hoping a FP angel can help me…

Have a look at the page of the Angels Fairphone. There you can see how to send a message to an Angel nearby.

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