No notification icon for alarm clock

I only just noticed that when setting the alarm clock, no icon is showing on the status bar. Other Android phones I checked have a bell icon next to network and battery icons if an alarm is set.

This morning I was woken early, because I didn’t see the alarm was still on :slightly_frowning_face:

Is this a known issue, or is there a setting somewhere that I can’t find?

(Sorry if it’s not the same for you as I’m on /e/OS, but in my case it can be configured here and I hope it’s the same on your OS:)
Settings → System → Status bar → System Icons → Alarm (enable slider)

No, I don’t have that option, unfortunately.

I searched the settings for ‘alarm’, ‘icon’, etc but can’t seem to find anything relevant

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Thats a known since A12 with FPOS already.

please have a look here.

Its the same on the FP5 so if at all a feature request to Fairphone in my eyes

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Yes, it’s gone since A12. Alarm settings now only appear in the “Alarm” tile (in the pull down menu, you might have to configure it first), and when the alarm time approaches, a notification also appears on the lock screen (“Upcoming alarm…”).


Oh well, at least that makes it a little less annoying :wink:. Thanks.

I just found out that the default clock widget also shows the alarm, if set. (And the Microsoft clock widget that I use, too!). That’s good enough for me, I guess.

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Happy to help. :smiley:
I got used to using the Alarm tile. That, and the “Upcoming Alarm…” notification manage to keep me up to date (and I use a lot of very different alarms and reminders).

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