No Night mode with default Camera App

I wanted to take a photo in the night, but I did not find a “Night Mode” in the default Camera App (that is pre-installed).
On the phone of my daughter (Nokia 7.2) there are more modes available (like “Photo”, “Video”, "Poetrait’).
My daughter can also and decrease the brightness of a motive, before she takes a photo.

Is the Camera App on the FF3+ (Android 11) really that limited?
Is this app coming with Android (so also Google Pixel users have the same limitations) or delivered by Fairphone?

Does the FF4 have the same Photo App?

You may like to try Open Camera from F-Droid

Just changed the title to make it more specific for Topic as FP3 is anyway in the category


If night mode is important for you, then have a look at the Google Camera Port


@mde Important for me are the photo modes, that are not available, like the Night Mode.
But on the phone of my daughter (Nokia 7.2) there are more modes available, that are missing in the FF3+ Camera App.

@anon9989719 When I open the link via my desktop browser or via my Fairpone, I get am
Internal Server Error.
This happens also for

I think that’s a temporary problem and you should try it out later.

Edit: now there’s an according notification:


The search function is now working but no access to the Open Camera

You could try downloading F-Droid to the phone and then get Open Camera from the app

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Sad to read, that Fairphone releses such a bad camera app and that other vendors offer more features!

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