No network on my fairphone 3

Hello Everyone,

I have a fairphone 3 and from yesterday I suddently have no network… I have no data and I can’t place phone calls.
I did not do an update nor have droped the phone
I have tried the sim card in a different phone and it’s working. I have tried a different sim in the phone and it wasn’t working.
I have tried manually switching network but there’s no network available.
I have tried switching beetween available APN but no luck
I have tried reseting the networks, wifi and bluetooth, no change

I was guessing there’s something wrong with the part of the phone that does the reception but I’m no expert. I have seen there’s a reception element in the top module, maybe it’s worth switching with a new one then?

I hope maybe you would have a suggestion for me?

Best regards,

"maybe it’s worth switching to a new one then? " maybe. Have you got a replacement module from the farephone website? I’ve known they have stopped making parts for the device. Maybe they still might have a replacement part. Otherwise a donor phone might be needed to get the part. That’s my suggestion. You can also see if anyone has a phone they are selling in one of the fourms here. You can also sell yours for parts.

They havent officially stopped making/having parts for the FP3. Still this moght not be a self repairable module its the core module containing the SIM Slots which costs almost the same as a new phone.

@nicoj have you tried the second SIM slot?

edit: if its just the part in the top module and not the rest in the core module, see if you have an FP Angel who can swap the module to test this…


Edit 2: a third option are the antenna, maybe carfully check if you see something is loose


Thanks for your reply, I’ve tried switching to sim slot 2 but no luck.
I’ve checked the parts and the core module doesn’t seem to be available to buy as part. Top and bottom moduls are still available but I haven’t identified yet which module is concerned in my case.

Do you knwow where is the antenna located on the fairphone 3? For some reason I can’t find this information online.

Otherwise I’ll have to ask an angel ^^

Check the teardown on

Thanks, everything visually looks in order on the motherboard…

See here for info