No network, no SD-card after water bath of FP2

FP2: dried all parts after the water bath, but the SD-card is no longer detected and no network (‘kein Dienst’ in German). The problem seems to be in the main board. Must this be exchanged?

Make sure you dried the parts long enough and cleaned the connectors, please see our #waterwiki.

If no luck with that … Given that network connectivity and the SD card slot are functionalities of the core module, it’s a fair guess that the core module would be at fault and would need to be exchanged.

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Could be that the connectors of the SD and SIM card slots are dirty or corroded - if the phone is fully dry, have a good look at those and try to clean them with isopropyl alcohol and maybe some contact spray.


I waited 2 more days and cleaned the contacts with isopropyl alcohol. But no change.
I contacted the fairphone support in order to get information about price and availability of the FP2 core module. This is not offered as a spare part in the FP online shop. I got a ticket on Monday (#367291). Since then no reaction. On the phone they are not available (lines closed). Has anybody an idea how to get a core module?

Bei gibt es noch Core-Module:

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Does faiphone support still exist? I have not received an answer for 1 full week. Is that normal? (Request #367291)

I have informed Fairphone staff about that. In the meantime: Have you already looked into your spam folder?

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Thank you. Yes there is nothing in the Spam

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