No network connections sometimes

Problem: Sometimes, I have no connection with the network. I can’t make or receive any phone calls. I did not find any pattern in this. Not in time, not in location.

What I tried:
I tried everything with my provider, replaced SIM card. Eventually I even changed to another provider. My perception is that I experience this less, but I also use my FP2 less because I bought a Samsung (the problems I have with FP2 keep following one after the other, it was really intervening with my personal and professional life).

I still experience it these days.
When I am able to make a phone call, the other side always tells me that they understand me very very bad. I expect this to be seperate problem with the microphone, but I mention this because I already replaced the microphone in 2017 for this exact same problem.

So I’m out of options now. What can cause this temporary connection problems?

Which firmware version are you running?

Connection with which network exactly? Be precise, please. Are you referring to phone calls only, or (also) data over 2G/3G/4G? What about other radios such as WiFi and/or Bluetooth?

Did you try to use the other SIM slot instead?

If you’re referring to Wi-Fi as well, is Wi-Fi power saving mode on? If yes, try to turn it off. How to here.

If someone else can recommend a program to check your 2G/3G/4G signal strength, that might be helpful. I looked at where my provider has their 4G towers and that explained to me why my signal is not so good inside; it is because of being in the middle of 3 towers.

Have you contacted support?

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Firmware: Android 6.0.1

the mobile network: both phone calls and 3G.
Wifi is never a problem.
Bluetooth is never a problem.

SIM slots: yes I tried.

I used a customer focused app to check signal strength of mobile networks to evaluate their real strength. When using on a bad moment, it’s zero.

I contacted support, resulting in testing different SIM slots, asking new SIM card and eventually changing provider.

Maybe you also have a issue with the antenna or antenna-connector like here:


Happens in here from time to time, for all operators, for all devices. Sometimes, the cell is full or other operator-oriented reasons, sometimes, of course, there are device-oriented reasons, like the one given by @struppi.

Ok, in the next thread discussing the fading voice issue, you state that you lose network connection too often. Then I would probably first focus on device-oriented issue.

I experience a similar problem. For me, the (edit: loss of) network connection occurs (only sporadically) right after ending a phone call, described here: Network connection lost after long phone calls

Can you possibly find a pattern of your loss of connection to any such actions (phone calls), usage of specific apps or similar?

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Did you follow-up on your ticket after you tried those suggestions?

Could you please check which version of the Fairphone OS software you are running? It is either in the Updater app or in Settings > About the phone. Android 6 has received monthly updates since it was introduced - the latest update was Fairphone OS 18.02.0 this month.

And, on which mobile network in which country are you? I mean networks like Vodafone, T-Mobile, etc., not network technology (3G).

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Jfdhuiz: ticket got closed because initially, it seemed to work after switching provider. But not. In the mean time, I started using another phone and didn’t took care of the FP2 anymore. But I can’t let that happen, that would be the opposite of what we are fighting for.

mobile network used to be Euphony --> Mobistar --> Orange (lots of take overs), now I changed to Viking.
Country : Belgium

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