No network connection FP3 - new module?

My FP3 will not connect to the mobile network
Its ability to connect seemed to degrade over time, getting ever less dependable over weeks (better with data than calls) until it just will not connect at all.
Does anyone have any ideas? Could any easy to replace modules help? I’m concerned it’ll be a new motherboard…
I’m using the SIM fine in an ancient dumb phone, and a SIM working in another fairphone does not work in mine. Hardware tests seemed to reckon the SIM was ok.

Probably just a weak connection of the antenna, you can check iFixit for some pictures where and how it is connected.


Thanks Icanus.
I’m no electronic repair expert, do you think I’ll be able to do something useful if I take a look? I’ve checked ifixit so I know where to look, just not really what to look for.

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