No Music and Voice of Caller but Ringtone and alarm clock work

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Since two days ago I can’t hear people calling me (they can hear me) and there is also no sound when I try to play music or videos. But, on the other hand, my alarm clock and ringtone still work fine, which suggests, that the microphone is not broken.
When I connect the phone to a headset I can hear the caller and also play music like normal.

I have updated the phone, restarted it and removed and reentered the SIM-card, none of this seemed to help.

Are there different microphones used for these different “features” and maybe one of them is broken or does anybody have other suggestions about what I could do?

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Yes, the Fairphone (in fact, every Fairphone from FP1 to FP3 and FP3+) has a primary microphone (a tiny hole at the slim bottom side of the device) and a secondary microphone (at the opposite end of the device). If you dial * # * # 6 6 # * # * Fairphone OS should give you a range of hardware tests that allow you to test not just these two microphones individually, but a lot of other hardware components.


Thank you very much for your quick reply. Is it correct that this two are labelled as “Earphone” and “Speaker” in this test setting? Or does “Earphone” refer to external headphones?
The “Speaker” works thus it does not really make sense to me that I can’t play any music. When I test the “Earphone” I can’t hear anything (when the device is connected to my wireless headphones and also if it is not).
Would this imply that my “Earphone” (and thus my upper microphone) is broken and I can not hear phone calls and play music due to this (which would also puzzle me since the main speaker still works)?

Sorry for my questions, I am a bit lost.

The microphone test are [MIC1 Test] and [MIC2 test]

The top speaker/ear is [Receiver] Just clicking on this should provide the same music as the [Speaker] test, just quieter.

[Earphone] is to test a manual connection to the little jack socket


Are you using the right word? Microphones record sound, but your problem would rather suggest you have a problem with the speaker.
There are two speakers, one is the earspeaker used for calls, the other one is the main speaker used for all the rest.
I’m rather thinking about a software issue. Did you check if Do Not Disturb was off? (search for do not disturb in the settings) You’re sure the right volume sliders are not silent? (check in Settings→Sound that the volume sliders for media and calls are not silent) It may sound like dumb questions, but it’s just to be sure.

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