No missed call notification on certain SIM

No missed call notification on SIM 2.

  • No symbol in Status bar
  • No LED notification
  • under Phone -->Call History–> No red mak (Not marked as Missed Call). Shown as incoming call !

Installed FP Open OS 16.06.

This symptom only for SIM 2

Does anyone have an idea?

I guess your missed calls go to a mailbox.

@Irina_Spitznagel No. I have already disabled all call forwarding and mailboxes for each SIM. Its ringing. I call on my both SIM from second phone. First SIM notificated missed call correctly. Only SIM 2 failed.

Have you tried switching the SIMs to see if it’s the card’s or the slot’s fault?

@paulakreuzer Thank you for the tipp.

I have changed the SIMs to different slot. Slot OK. One certain SIM is fault. Then i changed different SIMs. They worked without any problem in both slots… So, only the one certain SIM card is fault. Fault mean missing missed call function. Incoming and outgoing calls via this SIM are OK.

Surprise, the same SIM works well in FP1 with missed call function.

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How old is your SIM?

@Irina_Spitznagel 1 year old. SIM from Togglemobile. Cheap roaming charges. This is a MVNO provider use Vodafone network in Germany.

I have the same problem, but with both, a new (this month) and an old (about 10 years?) SIM card, both running on the same contract (o2 Genion, Germany, Multicard).
Both show the missing calls notification in my old Motorola Defy with CM11, both do not show this notification in the FP2 with Open OS 16.06. I haven’t tried with OS 1.4.2.

Edit: As with the original poster, the calls show up in the call log as a regular incoming call.

Edit 26 days later: Without changing anything (still on 16.06, same SIM, same settings) I just got a missed call notification after someone called, got diverted to and left a message on voicemail.

I sometimes have the same problem. My SIM seems to randomly disconnect from the network (it didn’t with my FP1 and it didn’t until a few weeks ago). So when people call me, they are switched to my voicemail. I only realise I missed a call, when I get an SMS telling me a voicemail message is waiting for me. The missed calls are nowhere to be found in my call log…

Which provider? Which country?

The belgian provider “Proximus”

Was there a solution for this?
I also have no notification of missed calls. I’m sure I used to but no longer. I have only one SIM.
This is causing me problems with clients.

Sorry, still have no solution. Some certain SIMs are NOT compatible with FP2 :disappointed:

Hi there,

I’ve got same problem here with Fairphone Open 16.10.0 along with a german Smartmobil (Vodafone) Sim Card. It’s a very serious problem for me as I’m using this phone with my business.

If it’s not gonna fixed soon a have to switch to another phone, unfortunately. So please have a look at this!

Kind regards,

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