No "low battery" alarm or notification - solutions?

Hi everyone, didn’t find this topic elsewhere, hope someone can help:

My FP3 just shut down during a phone call due to low battery. No warning whatsoever. Same for other situations, no low-battery warning allowing me to prepare in time. I have to keep an eye on the battery status constantly.

Just one of those features where mobile phones have been much better 20 years ago. The “low battery” chiming could get on your nerves, but at least you wouldn’t miss it. (A similarly lost feature was speed dialing, on my Siemens it took exactly 2 blind keypresses to call one of my favorite contacts).

I looked at some battery monitoring/warning apps, but they didn’t work properly, and they apparently weren’t compatible with battery saver mode (which should kick in e.g. below 20%; I even use all the time).

Am I the only one missing this feature? How come it isn’t an absolute core feature? Any recommended solutions? Thanks!


I thought the LED light flashed when the battery gets low.

Do you have notifications blocked?

By the way, for battery ‘life and health’ it is better not to allow it to go below 10% unless that can’t be helped, some say 20% ??

There is an option Settings > Battery > Battery percentage This places the battery state on the notification bar at the top, so you can always see it.

You can also download an app like BatteryBot which will give more options to display the state of charge. If you haven’t got F-Droid it may be worth installing and from there you can install various battery apps to indicate state of charge.

Thanks amoun - but as I wrote, I’m checking the battery status actively, meaning that I do have the percentage in the status bar. As for the status LED, I’ve never learned what the colors and morse codes mean. And both are useless if I’m not using the phone (yes, sometimes I manage not to use it), or if I’m on a call (the old-fashioned way, phone at my ear).

I’d love to keep the battery above 10% or whatever, if the device would just help me a tiny bit with that task… my teenage self 25 years ago would certainly have had the time and energy to try F-Droid and whatnot, but now I just need a working phone which doesn’t shut off unannounced every now and then. I just don’t get it, you would think everyone needs this feature, it has been there long ago in much simpler devices, and it should be super easy to implement: Regular notification sound at low battery levels, ask the user for the threshold level and what to do during quiet times, that’s all. Is that elementary function really missing in stock Android? And FP not able to fill that gap?

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How about a ‘Google’ certified app ?

but I agree it would make sense for such an option to be standard.

As far as Fairphone go they have to pass over 500,000 test for thier ‘version’ of android to be licensed. I imgae they do the simplest of options and clearly this has not been a big demand from Android users :frowning:

I also missed an app. But then I found out that in setup-battery-energysaving I can choose the limit where the phone goes in energy save mode indicated with the battery icon in red. I choosed 15% and after I did not have problems with the phone shutting down during calls, because a red battery is easier to see for me than e red blinking led


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