No Internet with my SimyoSIM

Hi there, im Johannes. I joined the community of smartphone-users these days after buying a FP2. No I am not able to get connected to the internet. I did check my APN-Settings. I did check the Roaming. But: no way to the worldwideblablabla, only by using a wlan. Also the icon on top of the phone is only showing the signalstrength but not a letter, as it should to tell witch kind of network i am in.
Is there help? Or am i damned to stay out of the great future of telefoning?
Beste Grüße

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I learned always check to simple things.
Do you have a databundel bought a Simyo?
Did you check if the SIM that you want to use for data is grant 3/4G.
Go to ‘Settings’,
go to 'more’
go to 'Mobile networks’
what is entered by ‘Preferred network type’?
If you use 2 SIMs only one can have 3/4G.

So it is a must that the SIM is grant 3/4 G? Maybe thats the reason. I gonna check it

Hi There, unfortunately the problem remained after two days of rebooting. Also a technical ckeck from the provider doesnt help. Is there anybody with a similar problem?

I got the same problems with my simyo sim. Only 2G.

Do you have another SIM card? Only one SIM card can have 4G/3G. So you must set the other one to 2G in order to use 4G/3G with your Simyo card.

I got 2 sim cards. I swapped the slots, but the simyo sim doesn’t work well. The other sim does LTE in slot 1 and works well in the second slot.
I ordered a new sim card from simyo with the same results.
Should I quit simyo or is there a workaround?

I am not very hopefull. I tried it for weeks!!

Maybe you have this national roaming problem described here: National Roaming. Try enabling data while roaming.

It’s working well.
Thank you!