No INTERNET even with correct APN

Hi to all

A recurrent pb apparently is FP2 not connecting to Internet even with a correct APN (refers to access thru cell networks, not wifi of course).

Any clue why and how to solve?

You’ll have to give us a little more to go on.
Do you have this issue all the time, in specific situations/locations or randomly?
Does it happen only with bad connection or does it happen that you have a high-bar 4G connection with no internet connection?
Did it work well for a while before and when did it start to happen?
How old is your SIM card? Have you tried a different one?


Dear Paula

Issue all the time, from very beginning, It never connected to Internet.
I can make and receive calls.
The SIM card is brand new.
The APN was properly set.

Did you check if your provider maybe offers more than one APN?
I’d contact the provider, as it’s most likely the issue lies with them.
If it’s not an issue with the provider and you are absolutely sure everything is set up correctly then it would be a hardware issue - so a broken core module.

Oh and could you go to Settings -> Maintenance -> Checkup -> Mobile connectivity and post a screenshot of what is shown there?


Dear Paula and al.

First of all, Happy Xmas!

I am still trying when I have time to fix my FP2 and get it to work. I have solved many issues (reboots and others).

Now I can make and receive calls, but still no internet. I actually messed around and its worked… for a few days. Now internet is off again, and even messing around again does not make it work.

The SIM works fine on another cellular (calls and internet)

Thanks for any clue that can help. I would not mind using my FP2 after one year! (ok, i take it out of the drawer for fixing it only once in a while… but I have other things to do too!!)



What exactly does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

it says FP2-gms-18.04.1 release-keys

Ok, Fairphone OS, still Android 6.

Since I guess a factory reset or re-install of the OS would have been among the next recommendations, you could as well upgrade to Android 7 (which was released by Fairphone in the meantime) and see whether that fixes the APN problem.

Once you have enough time and calm, make a backup of your important data (pictures, contacts, messages, etc., everything you don’t want to miss) and get an overview about possible hurdles here …

… then check the Updater App for the upgrade.

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