No international dialling code added to phone numbers

This issue relates to using the Phone app on my Fairphone 4.

When receiving calls, the incoming phone number is not saved with its international dialling code. This means that when I save the number, or call it back from the list of recent calls, the call will not connect when I am in a different “country” to where I was when the call was received. I then have to go back and manually add the country code. This is especially annoying as I live in Ireland and roaming between Ireland (republic of) and the UK is an unavoidable part of life here.

I did not have this issue when I had a Fairphone 2.

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I’m not sure what might be causing this. Which contacts app are you using?

It might also be worth talking with your mobile network operator.

I have noticed in the past, that whether the international dialling code is added or not depends on which SIM card I am being called on. (I have an Austrian and a German one.) Maybe they consider it a ‘feature’ to ommit the code if the calling and the called country code match. Not sure how to change this though.

I’m not sure about the following, but shouldn’t the country of the provider of the SIM card be the relevant factor here?

I just checked my calling list and for me it rather looks like not all phones/provider send the international number, i.e. I have numbers with and without international calling ID in my list (all german) and they are saved as they come through.

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I’m using the default contact app, now on Android 13. My provider is Lebara UK.

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