No IMEI after last upgrade?

I upgraded my Fairphone 2 to Fairphone OS 21.10.0-rel.2 some weeks ago. Now I found out that my fairphone shows “0” twice when typing *#06# to show the IMEIs. It’s a problem because I want to synchronize with “MyPhoneExplorer” and it also determines the IMEI, get’s the “0” and says it can’t recognize the phone.

I googled and some forum posts and videos say that IMEI can get broken by a firmware upgrade, but then it’s not possible to connect to the carrier properly anymore. However I have no problem calling and surfing with my phone. Is it false information or does my telephone just block the IMEI to the *#06#-function and to the MPE-App but still has it inside to communicate to the carrier?

The IMEI should also be displayed in the settings under “about the phone”.

There’s also a “0” at both SIM Slots.

Maybe the last update did not install properly and a manual re-install might help?

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