No GPS information using standard camera app

I turned on the gps. I set on the standort position information at camera app. And also the authorization for position information is given.
But there is no gps information in picture data. Can someone help me?

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Does that change if you have e.g. a navigation app active in the background that constantly checks GPS?
If so GPS fix might just be too slow.

No, there is no navigation app running.

On my FP3 this problem only exists with photos from the selfie cam - while rear camera photos do include GPS data. It seems to be a bug in the standard “Camera” app as selfies I shot with a differnt camera app (a port of the Pixel camera app) do include GPS information.

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Okay, now I think I solved it: Rear cam and back cam do have seperate settings menus in the standard “Camera” app. So, you have to open the app, select each cam one after another, and make the particular settings for each cam. To get GPS tags you have to activate “Store location”.


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