No Fairphone App on my new FP4

I got my new FP4 yesterday, and have set it all up and it’s running great, except I have no Fairphone App, which I understand should be installed - creating support tickets asks for info from it.

The first thing I did on logging in with my gmail was to restore the settings and apps from my old Pixel 3a, which died a couple of weeks ago. That process worked great, of course, down to the static IP address for my phone on my home wifi. But no FP app and I can’t see one (for the FP 4) on the Play Store either.

Should there be one for an FP 4?

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Habe die gleiche Frage…

Hatte anfänglich eine drauf. Nach factory reset kam sie nicht wieder

Initially I did have the FairPhone app available on my FP4.
But after setting it up, syncronising with my Google account and so on, it is no longer anywhere to be found. Is this normal ? If not how do I restore the app ?

Thanks in advance.


Did you all check Settings > Apps & Notifications … ?

If it’s still not there, has anyone messaged Fairphone Support about this?

On another thought: The only instance where I can find “Fairphone app” in FP4 support articles is here where it sounds a bit like the app first appears (point 17) at the end of a completed initial setup process including registration for the extended warranty:

No, it’s not visible in Settings > Apps & Notifications either. I can’t remember if I’ve contacted support about it - I think I did but I can’t check. Emails from support don’t include the ticket title, and following the link to the ticket from the email requires me to log in, which always gives me “Forbidden. Invalid Authenticity Token”.

I’d better not start a ticket over it in case I already have but have forgotten!

I initially had the Fairphone app, but now it’s gone; When I got my fairphone 4 it had I believe the August version of the software (and the Fairphone app). After I got the update with the september security patches etc, it was gone.

Would someone with a FP4 that still has the app be so kind as to extract the APK of the fairphone app with for example Apk Extractor | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository ?


Ich bräuchte die App auch bitte

It will return in the next software update afaik


Yes, todays update restored/installed the app!


What is “today’s update”? I updated to FP4.FP3N.A.091.20211118 yesterday and still don’t have the app.

When I read it it said it was the 05 November security update, so the November Android 11 security update with the FP app bundled in.

Ah, is it the “My Fairphone” app? If yes, I was looking for the wrong name.

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Yeah, that’s the name!

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