No data on Globe Network Philippines

Currently with a Globe NetworkSIM card and FP1 in the Philippines. Phone and SMS work. Data connection works for WhatsApp and some apps that use little data. But Firefox and Chrome give me feedback: Proxy Server does not connect to internet.
There must be something wrong with the settings, but Globe staff cannot help me. Does anyone have an idea what I could do?

The internet settings vary on Globe.
For Prepaid, the your APN setting should be:
and with a post paid acoount, the APN setting should be:

If you have by change 2 SIM’s in your phone,
make sure that the SIM from Globe is set to 4G and the other SIM to 2G.
As you can’t have both SIM’s on 3G/4G.


The APN setting ist prepaid, FP1 does not have G4, but G3 is set for the Globe Sim card. The problem occured just the same, when I inactivated the other sim.
So that cannot be the reason. Any other suggestions where I could check? How do I check if the proxy server is okay, as the error message refers to that.

As far as I know Globe doesn’t use a Proxy server.
So in the APN settings the Proxy should be set at ‘not set’.

Edit: restart your phone after changing the Proxy to ‘not set’.

Dear Lidwien, thanks for trying.
Fairphone has set a proxy automatically. I put it to “not set”. The problem persists, and now also other programmes do not have internet connection - the proxi appears to be necessary.
Any other idea?

Could you check the following settings in the APN

  • MCC:515
  • MNC: 02
  • Authentication type:
  • APN type: internet if it is a selection or “default, SUPL” if it needs to be type.
  • APN:
  • Proxy server:
  • Port: 80

Perhaps you can send a text to globe: text GO to 2951.

Dear Lidwien, after restarting the phone, the internet connection worked, with Proxy “not set”. So that did the trick. Thanks a lot!
Just for future such cases - where did you find out? Where should I have searched?
All the best Bern

I searched with “globe ph mobile internet settings”.
Just ask if you have a question/problem.

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