No data on either SIM - FP update available

In the last day or two, mobile data on my phone has stopped working; on both SIMs from different networks (One SIM, from eir network has no data at all, the other SIM from Vodafone gives only Edge data). Have tried reboot. Will next try swapping SIMs and I also note there is a FP update available (17.10.1 currently installed, 17.10.2 available)

Any other ideas? I’ll update the thread if any of the planned fixes sort it out.

UPDATE: Swapped SIM slots, no change. Installed 17.10.2 and no change.

It could be an issue with my phone provider, up until now I have just been using the data from 1 SIM, the eir SIM, and perhaps the Vodafone SIM has only been giving Edge data the whole time.

From what I have been reading on this forum so far, I would share your guess, that it’s a problem of the SIM/provider rather than one of the phone.
Have you checked your contract? Otherwise it might possibly be just an old SIM that simply has to be exchanged. Probably your provider can enlighten you on that behalf.

Only one SIM card can have a 3G/4G connection at any one time. The other SIM will operate at 2G, which is why it is limited to Edge. These settings follow the SIM card (as opposed to the SIM slot). To set the second SIM to 3G/4G, you’ll need to set the first SIM to 2G first. In some cases the 2G option isn’t shown, if that’s the case try following these instructions.

I can’t say why SIM1 has no data - this could also be something at provider level. When I’m roaming I sometimes end up on networks that don’t seem to like my data plan - when I reselect automatic network selection (somewhere deep under sim settings) the data connection often comes back (even when it reconnects to exactly the same network).


By way of an update; it was an issue with the SIM1 provider, and is resolved now.

Thanks to @Johannes for explaining how to set SIM2 to 4G if needed.


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