No data connection during voice calls

Hi everybody,

I can perfectly remember that during the lock-down, when I worked from home, I could have a voice call while browsing the internet, sending emails and attending a video call (using my FP3+ as a hot spot).

Some months ago I realized that it was no longer possible. Now, when I’m in a voice call my data connection is dropped. Both icons in the upper right corners are flagged with a “x” on them.

Note: in both situations, I’ve always been using SIM1 both for voice calls and for data connection.

Now a question: can you use your internet connection (basically browsing the internet on the phone) while having a voice call?

Have you got any idea about why I could do both things a year or so ago and now I can’t do it any longer?

Some more information:

  • Operators on both SIMs are the same, I never changed them in the last two years
  • I didn’t change (voluntarily…) any network setting


VoLTE is likely not working on your device.


The VoLTE option in the SIM options section is enabled (the slider is in the “on” position) but is grayed out and I can’t change it to “off”.

EDIT: when I wrote the sentence above I was on a voice call now that it ended VoLTE is no longer grayed out. I’ll modify it and let you know.


No, do not turn it off.
Keep it on.

You can check whether or not it is actually working by typing into the dialer, but NOT calling: *#*#4636#*#*
Then going to Phone information, then 3dot in top right, then IMS Service Status.
Then make sure “Voice over LTE” shows as “Available”.


I turned the VoLTE on again and copied that string in the phone app.

I did what you told me to do but the pop up says Voice over LTE it’s unavailable.

Now what?

That just confirms it is the issue. There really isn’t much to do if it doesn’t work. :frowning:

But it worked why it stopped?

Is it an operator issue? I never changed it in the last ten years.

Easiest way to test this, is to test a SIM of a different provider or to check with your provider what the issue is.

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