No data connection after February 2023 security update

Hi everyone

I bought a used Fairphone 3. After resetting it to factory settings, I installed the update that was available at the time, which was the December 2022 update. After that, it said it was connected to 3G, but I had no internet.

Verifying the APN, I discovered that the authentication type wasn’t filled in. Filling that in restored my internet connection, but it was unstable. It would cycle through 4G, 3G, and nothing.

Some forum searching later it turns out that it’s not uncommon for this to happen after an update, and that restarting fixes it. So I did, and all was well again…

…until the February 2023 update. A restart didn’t fix it this time. I checked my APN again, but the settings are still correct.

Does anyone have an idea of what happened and how I can fix it?

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Can you tell us which provider in which country you are using?

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Thanks! My provider is Orange in Belgium.

Sometimes it helps to reset APN to default (using they 3 dots) or set-up manually a completely new APN

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I tried resetting earlier, and I just tried setting up a new APN. The issue persists.

Did you contact your provider as well and how old is your SIM card? Did you try the other slot?

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Hi @BenoitRen, after the update yesterday (Vodafone Germany) I had the data connection problem you described - nothing, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, 4G+, nothing and so on. Restart didn’t help, but switching off the phone, waiting a few minutes, switching on again - Bingo!


Vodafone NL the same. No mobile data after update, but restart fixed it.

Thanks for the tip, @LvA , that worked for me as well!


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