No connectivity to SIM

Hi there, I am new to this forum.
My FP2 has stopped being able to make/receive calls or texts for the last 2 weeks. It is not a change in reception as my partner uses the same provider and still has signal. However, today I have been contacted by provider, noting that I haven’t used the SIM in 15 days. I am wondering if a part may need replacing? I can connect to wifi but not 4G. Any advice gratefully received. I have had the phone approx 3 years.

Welcome to the Fairphone community.
As the FP2 is a Dual SIM device, did you try to use the SIM in the second slot?
Or did you swap the SIM with your partner?


Thank you! Such a simple thing, but that seems to have done the trick :slight_smile: :grinning:


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