No connection to Android Auto with FP 4

Hello everybody,

I have a FP 4 and I have contacted support about it as there have been other minor issues and they want me to hand in my phone for diagnosing due to those, but I’m honestly not too keen on the idea of having it gone for weeks to months.
While I can live with the minor other issues, my biggest problem is that I get no connection to my Android Auto via USB Cable. (to a Skoda Fabia), Bluetooth works fine btw.
I plug it in (tried about 7 different cables by now) and even though the Phone starts Android Auto, I can’t get a connection. There is this error message that asks me to try a different cable or a shorter cable - both I tried, no chance.
The funny thing is: It DID work. For the first weeks it worked fine until it didn’t. Unfortunately I can’t link any Updates or such to the issue. My old Samsung Phone and my partners Huawei work without any problem.
Any ideas how to make it work?
Thank you all in advance!

Hi there,
I have a FP 4 and drive a Renault Scenic 4.
After connecting the phone via USB to the car it showed “The source is going to be connected” - but nothing ever happend afterwards.
I investigated together with the Renault Garage what the reason for this is.
In the Renault Scenic forum (crazy, there is already a Scenic Forum available …) somebody described the same things like me. And he had a solution: Go to Admin-Rights and enable or switch off “USB Debugging”. Since I made this it works fine and without complication. Perhaps this can solve your problem, too.
Regards Stefan